Where would you say is the best Honeymoon spot?

Where is the Best Honeymoon Spot

Obudu Cattle Ranch
Sun City South Africa
Miami Fl
Rio de jeneiaro
Obudu Cattle Ranch0%
Sun City South Africa0%
Miami Fl0%
Rio de jeneiaro0%
Other: (Please specify)0%

The Last hug I shared with Goldie

ImageIt was a hot Friday afternoon, adorned in my Khaki getup and wishing to God that my Z.I would sign my clearance letter soon so I could make it on time to Protea hotel. I could feel the frustration build up in a bead of sweat on my forehead. Finally, she signs and I run feverishly to my car and the race for Protea hotel, Ikeja began. You see, it was Goldie’s press conference, her very first interaction with the media post Big Brother House and I wasn’t going to miss it for the world.

ImageI got into the hall, questions in hand, prepared to give her a piece of my mind. That girl was something else in the house. I mean, why was she such an emotional wreck? The Goldie on screen exuded such fierce confidence, such strong aura, so who was this girl who was the exact opposite? To say the least, I was disappointed in her overall attitude on the show and I know I speak for majority of Nigerians.

ImageThen, she walks in, so dainty, ‘she looks frail’ I say to myself. She has on these huge dark shades, she must have been crying, why else would she wear such huge dark shades in a dark room if not to hide her overwhelming emotions from the prying and artistic eyes of journalists. Her hair was swept in a side bun and even then, she looked unhappy. And that’s where I saw Susan Harvey, not Goldie, but an insecure, shy Susan who just wanted approval from the world.

ImageAll the questions I had prepared, now a thing of the past, all I could feel was worry for what these vultures(journalists) were going to do to an already beaten down girl. I was frightened for her because right there was a break or make moment and I wasn’t so sure at her prowess for wriggling her way out of such tight situations.

Image30 minutes later, the show was over and Susan had apologized to Nigerians for disappointing them. She aptly explained that we had the option of hundreds of cameras while she had only her two eyes and could only see what Prezzo had shown her which was that he was a good guy. At that moment, I understood her pain and if we would all be honest, there has been that one guy that we have been foolish over be it for a very short period.

ImageAfter the press conference, there was a buffet served for everyone and Susan was quickly whisked away for a photo session with the press. I knew I wanted to speak with her, I just needed to tell her not everyone was mad at her and that Prezzo was no good for her. I needed to tell her that I still admired her videos because in my opinion her videos revolutionalised the making of videos in the country. I wanted her to know I was still her fan though I do not support her excessive show of emotions, that I thought she had a beautiful soul and was a good example of an African woman.

ImageShe did after all have ample opportunity to have sexual relations with Prezzo but declined. She was always cooking and never gossiped about anyone behind them. It didn’t matter who was bringing the gossip to her, she would never encourage it and for that, I admire her.

My chance came at the serving table when we bumped into each other while trying to stack our plates with the exotic meals up for grabs. I looked over at Susan’s plate, she had Imagedished white rice and stew with a little bit of EBA on the side. I must admit, I thought that was a pretty weird combination but as we have come to know, nothing about the diva was the norm. My friend and I, we walked up to her and I told her how much I was upset with her at first but how I understand what she was going through and I could relate.

ImageMy friend on the other hand told her she was incredibly disappointed and most Nigerians including herself were irritated by her unsteady emotional state. She listened to us, and smiled when we told her to stay away from Prezzo because we liked her and knew Prezzo was bad company for her. She nodded while we spoke, listening to us with rapt attention and then just as we were about to leave, she reaches out and gives me a hug.

ImageOur encounter could not have lasted more than 10 minutes, but in that time, I felt like I knew Susan, like we had been buds, like I could talk to her, like we were friends. There was no air of superiority about her, and even when some of the things we had to say to her were harsh, she stayed, never taking her eyes off us and listened intently.

She left soon after but my friend and I hung around a bit and then we came across one of Goldie’s voltron’s; Kenny Saint Best (KSB).

ImageTalking to Kenny gave us a broader perspective of Goldie. Apparently all her crying bolts were no show, she was indeed a very emotional lady. Kenny talked about her so fondly, and she promised us she would personally shield Goldie from Prezzo. She said Goldie was kind, giving, down to earth and very respectful, she didn’t need to tell us that though, we saw it through the few minutes we spent chatting with her.

I know my last post was a direct diss on her attempt at a reality show, but that does not mean I did not like her as a person. When some of my contacts pinged me the day we all heard she had passed on and asked why I was sad because I had dissed her a couple of days before, I promised to delete the previous post but I have decided against it.

Image I still do not support Tru Friendship, and I may never come around, but I miss Goldie as a person. I wish I had hugged her tighter that day, had been nicer. I wish I had taken a picture with her, I wish I had made her feel just a little bit better about herself. I mourn Goldie not because I knew her personally, but because she really was a sweetheart and it just hurts to lose someone that young and vibrant.

Adieu Goldie, fly on eagles’ wings, soar beneath the sun, let your hair loose against the wind, you are free now, no more pain, just love, joy and peace. Till we meet again….

Goldie and Denrele? Is this a Joke?

ImageWhen Linda Ikeji first announced that these two clowns would be starting a reality show, I thought she was kidding. While I think Derenle is cool and eccentric and may make a great host if he shaves his head and wears manly shoes, I do not think he deserves a reality television show. Oh Omotola, see what you’ve caused? Ok ,ok, I am writing this blog post in utter dismay and I can’t really explain why I feel so enraged at this mockery of a show. Maybe it’s because it definitely seems like this reality TV bug is bringing along with it unprofessionalism and disregard for the seriousness that is broadcasting. I mean, next tImagehing we know Segun Arinze will be having a reality show on his life as a married man. Breathe Ese, Breathe.

Now Goldie! I really cannot believe how strong and courageous she is. After her first stint at reality TV one would think she would run for the hills if she ever heard the words again but no, dear Susan has decided to put herself out there again to solidify her place as the most annoying cry baby in the entertainment industry.

ImageThe Basis of the show: Tru Friendship. Oh my! This is just a show of ineptness by the producers and the stars of the show. How is this entertaining? How? What is so fantastic about the friendship they share that would make me wanna sit and watch? I mean, not that this is any better but if Karen Igho had been replaced with Goldie, the show just may have had a little feisty to it. Everyone is trying so desperately to forget the hazard that is Goldie and her horrible persona on the Big Brother Africa show and now she has chosen to remind us how silly she is?

ImageIf you haven’t seen the preview, please don’t. I wasted a good minute watching it and I have not recovered from the shock I feel. Who knows? Maybe my rant is a little too soon but I do know one thing, you can expect a show of fake acting, face expressions, fake accents and most of all fake annoying outbursts of emotion

Omotola: The real me… Should never have aired

Omotola-the-Real-Me-1-600x404Now don’t get me wrong, Omotola is one of my favorite actresses and if I ever got into a battle with any of my friends about who is the better actress  between Genevive Nnaji and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde I will probably be in a fighting match until I won the argument. Yes, you can tag me one of her voltrons because in my opinion she is nothing short of a screen goddess and if I were to be brutally honest, I kinda have a girl crush on her so you can imagine my excitement and the thrill I felt when the ads began to roll about her soon coming reality television show. And though reality television has been termed the dreg of broadcasting, that has in no way stopped shows like ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and its spinoffs from reeling in some big bucks. I am going to go out on a limb here and guess this is why MNET felt the need to endorse Omotola with her own reality show.

Well, in all honesty, I received the news of the show with some initial skepticism because,Omotola-the-Real-Me-Reality-Show-BellaNaija hey, this is Nigeria’s first attempt at this genre of reality programming but who better to follow around than OmoT, so I buried my fears and embraced the news with sheer excitement. I guess I should have stuck with my inner skeptic then maybe I would not have been as disappointed at the show as I am in its Pilot.

‘Omotola: The real me’ is in plain words a documentary of Omotola in staged scenarios. There was absolutely nothing real about the real Omotola. For 30 minutes we followed OmoT  to a real estate agent in Ghana, to a radio station, to church(where she attempted to sing some choruses… hang me now), for a photo shoot, and then to her hotel room where the acting began in earnest. I won’t even bore you with the details of how exasperating it was to watch my favorite Nigerian act strut around my T.V set absolutely clueless as to what a reality show is really about. And that laugh? Please don’t get me started on her forced cackling at very unnecessary intervals….

When asked by CoolFM’s Freeze why she decided to accept the offer of a reality show, she simply said ‘the money was good’. Claiming that she had been approached several times but turned down the offer, I guess it may be safe to say that with her husband resigning from his pilot position at Air Nigeria, she needed the money because after seeing the first episode of ‘The Real Omotola” she would have been better off refusing the offer but hey, she took one for the team and for that, I applaud her.

Let me be fair, I have only watched one episode and it is possible that when the pilot was shot, she was still trying to adjust to the intrusive cameras trailing her every move. But even that does not make up for the lack of theme exhibited in the pilot episode. Yes, it is reality but if you have ever seen an episode of “Keeping up with the Kardarshians” or “Ice loves Coco” you can almost give a title to each episode because there is usually a central theme that forms the basis of every episode. Well, we can’t really blame Omotola if she leads a boring forged life. Nothing much the producers can do to help there but if I am to judge from this first episode, I am almost certain the show will not live to see a second season…

Before a woman matters….

76267_10152123517315537_1859969326_nFor some weeks now I have had this thing writers call a block. I’ve had absolutely no idea what to blog about but blog I must. And then suddenly it hit me. I have been reading this book for a couple of days and indeed I find it intriguing. Now if you know me, you know I am a sucker for love and romance. If there is a book on how to have a healthier relationship, I am on it. If there is one on how to put the spark back in your love life, I’ve got it, so it is no surprise that a book that essentially teaches ladies how to distinguish between a play boy and the real deal and also how to bag Mr Right and ensure he proposes? You know I have the book on lock down and taking notes (single girl here waiting for Mr Right to pop it… wink!)

It’s a popular book, hell there is even a movie based on the book and a very good one too, but while reading, I felt there were a few truths we should put out there and then discuss. And in case you haven’t guessed it already, the book is ‘Act like a lady, think like a man’. So here goes a chapter by chapter review of the best selling relationship guide, written by a two time divorcee comedian and enjoy my take on some of his views.

Before a Woman Can Matter

In the first chapter of Steve Harvey’s book, he explains that everyman has the innate desire to succeed. There are three major things he needs to have settled and until then, women are basically just companions to while away time with. He needs to first understand who he is and where he fits in this world. Who is he? What is he about? He needs to feel like he is worth something before he can fully commit to another person.

What does he do?  A man needs to be able to provide for at least himself and then he can begin to consider providing for someone else.  Frankly, any woman who is willing to settle down with a man without a job is very errr ‘brave’ for lack of a better word. What exactly is the rush? No matter how much money you make and how much you think you as the woman can support you two, you will never get the best out of your man because he wasn’t made to be the ‘help mate’ he will fashioned to be the provider and once he cannot function in that capacity, he becomes incomplete.

How much does he make? Now this is not to say that a man who doesn’t make a ridiculous amount of money monthly can’t decide to have a family, it just means, he must at least be on the path to getting his dream actualized.

So ladies, is your man still trying to find himself?  Is he looking for a job or a better one? Is he generally unhappy with where he is? Then be sure that’s probably the reason he hasn’t popped the question yet. Take it easy with him and wait, and if you know you can’t wait indefinitely for him to feel ‘better’ about himself, then it just may be time for you to take a walk. Please note that that doesn’t make you a bad person, after all, love is often times not enough.

Though in my words, these are pretty much the thoughts of Steve Harvey and I would really love to hear what you all think. Happy reading…

Memoirs of the Single girl

I was watching one of my favorite talk shows on the BET Network, ‘The Wendy Williams Show’….. *how you doing (complete with the lip action for all my sisters who watch the show too, #wink) and she was dishing about the recent secrete nuptials between Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively! Now Ryan is in his mid 30’s bordering on late, while Blake is 25 and my darling Wendy’s opinion is that 25 is still TOO young to get married! (Insert ‘BB surprise face’ here) As soon as she said this, I could feel my whole body reacting to that statement as for half a minute I began to yell obscene words to my television (in my head of course) Later on that night, I began to think, really think about what may have informed that idea and alas, here is a blog on my thoughts.

You see, first off Wendy and I come from two VERY different worlds and I say worlds because an American ‘breed’ is as different from an African ‘breed’ as water is different from oil! I mean, everything is different! Their way of life, culture, habits, environment, climate, beliefs and best of all, she is not just an American breed, she comes from the very exclusive sect called Hollywood where a 5 year marriage is considered a Life time. So yes, I do understand her when she says 25 is too young to be settling down! It is the year 2012, women are liberated and running for public offices, they are fitting right into the mold that was initially created for the man alone and have successfully become the Man’s equal and not his subordinate.

Well, while I am all for girl power, I am also an African woman and will not be mislead by the ramblings of a T.V host who preaches divorce at the slightest
provocation. Now you see, a large number of Nigerian men are looking to get hitched to young shapely ‘girls’ (women). The younger the better they say and this theory does not only apply to marriage and relationships, it applies even more to the labor market where potential employers are sieving through the sea of unemployed graduates by asking for 26 year olds and below but that is gist for another blog….. Back to the issue at hand!!!

Before you bite my head off, let me explain what I mean when I say ‘girl’. The average Nigerian girl is finishing school at 22, what with the high patronage of private universities and their very stable educational system. I bagged my first degree at a private university and I had course mates that finished at 20, which means they probably got admission into college at 16. So you see? The ladies are getting gainfully employed at 22 and by 25; they already have about three years working experience. By this time, her parents have begun to mount pressure on her. The mothers that are Christians begin to abandon their regular churches for more ‘fire catching’ ones like MFM or RCCG and the likes! They begin to fast and pray over their 25 year old like she has been diagnosed with some kind of incurable disease, her only offense being that she is still in her father’s house heck i know a 25 year old dude who is getting married in a couple of weeks and is pretty comfy too.

And yes, back to the men and their wants….. Have you ever dated a guy and then broke up and found out that your ‘replacement’ was younger than you? #If I had a coin for every time a single girl complained about this… yup, we see it happen all the time and yes, it does annoy us.

My point is simple! I do not think 25 is too young for a girl to settle down, not in a country like Nigeria anyway. In fact, the average Nigerian girl has been taught way before her teenage years how to ‘satisfy’ a man… (If only our mothers knew that our men rarely ever think of their tummies where the word ‘satisfy’ is concerned #wink) Our mothers, God bless their souls have made it so that we feel the need to bear a man’s name the moment we have earned a first degree and though this idea may be myopic in its entirety, it is what it is. When a lady reaches her mid 30s and has not ‘settled down’, there is the likelihood that even the older men that come for her have it at the back of their minds that there must be something wrong with her. Are you upset with the men who think this way? Don’t be! It is the society in which we live in and I say ‘When in Rome, act like the Romans.’

I do know some ladies however who have sworn not to tie the knot until they are financially secure to a certain extent and I support that, but I also believe if your man is good and ready for you and you are ‘only’ 25 and mentally ready to love another human being unconditionally,  then by all means honey, walk down that aisle. But if you are one of those women who would like to conquer the world before letting a man conquer you #wink, then feel free but never let anyone decide on your behalf when you are ready to settle down or not! When you are ready, you will know! 🙂


Tinsel Update: Steamy Hot Romance; Masters and Angela

Hi, my name is Sai Sai and I am a television junkie! If there is one thing you need to know about me it is that I am a couch potato. And every couch potato knows that our kryptonite is television. For everyone who knows me or has spent the night with me (please get your minds outta the gutter, I do have girl sleepovers) you would notice I sleep with my television on and it’s pretty much loud too. Anyways, one of my fav shows at the moment is actually Nigerian and yes I am one of the many Nigerians who claim not to like Nigerian shows but there are a few good ones these days and Tinsel happens to be one of them.

So, for the benefit of my readers who have no idea what Tinsel is, here is a little background information to the show. Set in modern day Lagos, it is centered around the lives of a movie mogul, his son, his wife, his newly adopted daughter, the lady who tried to break up her home, his mistress, his love child, and his arch rival who so happens to be his illegitimate first child! Sounds like one tangled web huh? Well, it is not that bad and though the show is in its 4th season, like most soap operas, it doesn’t matter where you start from or if you missed a whole season, you can always catch up in no time so feel free to join in the fun….

Back to the reason for this post! it would seem Masters (the dreaded drug lord) has a thing for Angela our favorite chemically imbalanced hottie (the new Angela’s acting? well, that’s another story) This relationship should be repugnant on all levels, I mean, he did try to kill her after using her against her will to launder drugs and threatening the safety of her father and allegedly killing Ziggy and Bartholomew (Detective Zanki’s husband). Long and short is he is a very very very bad man but this thing he seems to be having for Angela is quite endearing. Well maybe because for starters the actor playing Alhaji Abubakar  (Masters) is the sexy Kalu Ikeagwu, I mean who knew he could fit well into the ‘bad guy’ role always cast by Nollywood as the ‘lover boy’ it is a welcome change and now, the relationship slowly building between Masters and Angela is errrr, breath taking, no, I mean this literally, when he held Angela on Wednesday, I held my breath, like it was I who was being whispered to by a very ‘hot’ bad boy… #wink! I unconsciously find myself rooting for this union that exudes steamy hot passionate  emmm, what’s the word… sex. The producers better be careful though, Tinsel is after all a family show but if they keep up the pace of the sexual tension between Masters and Angela, the show may just have to be moving from 7:30 to some more adult appropriate time between the hours of 10:30 and 11:00! Who will stay up that late to watch you ask? I most certainly will…… 🙂